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Shooting Star Casino on Star Lake: To stay informed about the Star Lake Casino project we have created a page that has links to newspaper articles, press releases and the Star Lake Township website. We will add information to this page as it becomes available. Click the link for details about this important issue impacting our lake: Casino Information

MN DNR - Fisheries Management - Lake Survey Report: To review the 2015 Star Lake Report - click here.

Legislative Update, Spring 2016, by Jeff Forester, Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates:  There are some important bills moving and Minnesota Lakes and Rivers has been very, very busy. Click here for full article.

Legislative Update, May 25, 2016, by Jeff Forester, Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates:  MLR began the year with low expectations and we were not disappointed. Minnesota’s 2016 Legislative Session ended in chaos. A number of important pieces of legislation simply died because the clock ran out. Click here for full article.

Aquatic Invasive Species Control Projects - 2016 Grant Program Update: In the Spring of 2015 the DNR Invasive Species Program made $675,000 available for grants to control Eurasian watermilfoil, curly-leaf pondweed and / or Eurasian watermilfoil. Due to reduced resources in 2016 there will only be $200,000 available for this grant program. These grants are critical to local efforts to keep the public waterways usable for everyone in the state. Already local folks through fundraisers, self imposed taxes through Lake Improvement Districts (LIDs) and voluntary contributions are outspending the state for this work. These suggested DNR cuts make an already inequitable situation even worse. For more information, please see the following link:  MN Lakes & Rivers Advocates.



Board Meeting:  August 9th, 2018; 6:00 pm - Dent Community Center.  All are welcome to attend. Agenda

SLPOA Annual Meeting:  The 2018 annual meeting was held Saturday, June 23rd at Camp Joy. Link to Minutes | Agenda

One agenda item will be to vote on two paragraph additions to our By-laws.  See link to Proposed By-laws (changes in red)

July 4th Boat Parade:  The boat parade was held Wednesday, July 4, 2018.  Parade started at 1pm.  See below for more info and Photo Gallery for pictures.

July 12, 2018 High School Fishing League:   On the evening of July 12, the Heart O' Lakes High School Fishing League held a tournament on Star Lake; 50 teams participated. Click to view a PDF of the Results. You can also visit the Heart O Lakes Fishing League Facebook page to see some photos from the Star Lake tournament.

Annual Lake Wide Picnic:  Let us know if you are interested in hosting the 2018 picnic. The first picnic (2015) was on the north side of the main lake, the second (2016) was in the west arm, and the third (2017) was on the Camp Joy side of the main lake. It is always fun to enjoy different sides of the lake, meet new friends and visit with neighbors.



2018 winner trainEvery year on July 4th there is a boat parade on Star Lake. This is a fun family activity for parade participants as well as those watching from shore. Anyone can be in the parade. Revolving trophies are awarded for the categories of "Most Creative" and "Most Patriotic" and the respective winners judge the following year. Weather permitting, the parade begins in the north arm and works its way around the lake. Here is a photo of the 2018 Most Creative award. See the Photo Gallery for pictures of the current and past boat parades.

Disclaimer:  The Star Lake Boat Parade is not sponsored, organized or sanctioned by the Star Lake Property Owners' Association and the Association assumes no liability. The date and time of the parade along with photos of past parades are provided as public information only.