Membership Meeting on Star Lake Minnesota

Star Lake Property Owners' Association Membership Registration

Membership Information

Membership Types
  • Star Lake Property Owner: Individual, Family, Corporation, Partnership (Voting Membership)
  • Associate Member: Non-Property Owner supporting the objectives of the Association (Non-voting Membership)
Dues and Contributions
  • Annual dues: $30 for members or $25 for associate members (it is preferred that you pay prior to the SLPOA annual meeting in June)
  • SLPOA faces many challenges and expenses protecting Star Lake, so any other donations are appreciated. Donations can be sent to: SLPOA | P.O. Box 155 | Dent, MN 56528
  • Please consider providing your email address; it will help reduce costs. Email addresses will not be sold or given to others. Email addresses will not appear in our directory.
  • By providing your email address you are authorizing the Star Lake Property Owners' Association to use your email address for official SLPOA communications.

Membership and Payment Options

You can submit your membership registration ONLINE (using the form below) OR you can PRINT / MAIL the membership form.  NOTE: If you use the Online Membership form you will need to also pay your dues online. If you prefer to pay by check, you should print the Membership Form and mail the completed form and dues to SLPOA.  Please send questions This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view the board.

Downloadable Membership Form:

Membership Form in PDF format.

Online Membership Form:

Email *
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SLPOA Projects I am interested in working on:
Water Testing
AIS Monitoring
Membership & Publicity
Water Safety / Buoy Placement
Adopt-a-Highway Project
Shoreline Restoration
Fisheries Improvement
I am interested in serving on the SLPOA Board of Directors:
Not at this time
Ideas or Comments for the Board of Directors:

Thank you for choosing to submit your SLPOA Membership Form and Payment online.


By providing your email address you will help reduce mailing costs and we can more effectively communicate issues with you throughout the year.  Email addresses will not be sold or given to others, and will not appear in the directory.


PAY ONLINE:  When you click the Submit button you will have the option to pay using your PayPal account or credit card.  If you prefer to pay by check, please print and complete the membership PDF and return the form and dues to:  SLPOA, PO Box 155, Dent, MN 56528.


It would be greatly appreciated if your membership form and dues were submitted prior to the Annual Meeting in June. Thank  you.

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