Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS)


Star Lake remains free of any Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS). This is an ongoing effort and we will continue to post AIS articles to help keep you aware of developments regarding this topic.


DNR News: Zebra mussels confirmed in East Silent Lake in OTC - August 2018

DNR News: Zebra mussels confirmed in Jewett Lake in OTC - July 2018

Star Tribune: Zebra mussels are invading and choking more of MN’s lakes and rivers than ever ... - July 30, 2017

Star Tribune: As the zebra mussel continues its destructive march across MN’s waterways, researchers are ... - July 31, 2017

Protect Star LakeDNR News: Zebra mussels confirmed in Rush Lake in Otter Tail County - July 2017

DNR News: Boat lifts focus of 2 new zebra mussel reports  - Oct 2016

DNR News: Zebra mussels confirmed in 5 Minnesota lakes  - Aug 2016

StarTribune Article: From runoff to ruin: The undoing of Minnesota's lakes - Aug 2015

DNR News: Despite treatment, 16 zebra mussels confirmed in Christmas Lake - Oct 2015

MN DNR begins zebra mussel pilot project treatment - Oct 2015

MN Lakes & Rivers Advocates: MN DNR to Cut AIS Grant Programs - Sept 2015

Star Lake is free of aquatic invasive species DNR News: Invasive species starry stonewort confirmed in Stearns, Meeker county lakes - Aug 2015

MN Lakes & Rivers Advocates: AIS starry stonewort - Aug 2015

St. Louis County hands out cash to battle invasives - July 27 2015

InForum: Zebra mussel larvae invade Red River - July 8 2015

DNR News: Zebra mussels confirmed in Fish Trap Lake in Morrison Cty - July 2015

MN Aquatic Invasive Species Research Ctr (MAISRC) Brochure - April 2015

MN Aquatic Invasive Species Research Ctr (MAISRC) Contact Info - April 2015

DNR Certified Lake Service Provider - Otter Tail Co - April 2015

Aquatic Plant Identification Guide - November 2014

Managing Aquatic Plants in Minnesota Lakes - November 2014

SLPOA works to keep zebra mussels out of Star LakeCurly-leaf Pondweed ID Sheet - July 25 2014

Eurasian Watermilfoil ID Sheet - July 25 2014

Flowering Rush ID Sheet - July 25 2014

Aquatic Plant Management

AIS Spotlight: Letter from the Director (MAISRC) - July 18 2014

Intro to Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS Educ for OTC) - June 25 2014

MPR News: New Tax Bill aids in invasive species fight - May 22 2014

Zebra Mussels

MN DNR | Otter Tail County
Updated Aug 10, 2018
Link to:  Infested Waters List

Dayton Hollow Reservoir
East Loon
East Lost
East Red River Lake
East Spirit
Lida (North & South)
Little McDonald
Little Pelican
Mill Pond
North Ten Mile
Orwell Reservoir
Otter Tail Lake
Otter Tail River
Red River Lake
Ten Mile
Unnamed pond north of East Spirit
Unnamed wetland connected to
    Paul Lake
West Battle
West Lost