About Star Lake

Welcome to Star Lake: Your Gateway to Serene Lakeside Living

Star Lake is a stunning freshwater oasis located just west of Dent, MN in Ottertail County, Minnesota. Star Lake is renowned for its natural beauty and recreational opportunities, offers a diverse range of experiences that will captivate your senses and rejuvenate your spirit.

The Beauty of Star Lake:

Star Lake showcases a captivating expanse of water, featuring a spacious main body and three enchanting bays - (North Arm, West Arm, and South Arm.) Each area of the lake has its own unique charm.

Angler's Paradise:

Are you an avid angler? Star Lake is celebrated for its exceptional fishing opportunities, making it a year-round favorite among fishing enthusiasts. Whether you're seeking walleye, bass, or panfish, Star Lake offers the perfect setting for casting your line and reeling in memories.

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Recreation Galore:

While fishing is a highlight, Star Lake isn't limited to just one activity. Boating, kayaking, swimming – Star Lake is your playground for outdoor adventures.

A Community of Diversity:

Star Lake's vibrant community is a blend of year-round residents, seasonal cabin owners, resorts, and a bible camp.

One of the unique features of Star Lake is its harmonious blend of developed and untouched properties. While some areas offer the comforts of lakeside living, others remain pristine, preserving the unspoiled allure of the natural environment.

Your Lakeside Retreat:

Located just one hour from Fargo, ND, and a convenient 3-4 hours from Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, Star Lake is your ideal lakeside getaway.

Discover the charm of Star Lake, where each day brings fresh opportunities to embrace the beauty of lakeside living. Uncover the magic of Star Lake for yourself.

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Historical Information about Star Lake

To view historical information about the Star Lake area, see this material that was presented at the 2017 SLPOA Annual Meeting.