Ice Out, Water Levels, and Readings

Stay Safe on the Ice:

While winter on Star Lake offers a unique charm, it's essential to prioritize safety. Explore our helpful resources to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience on the ice during the colder months


"Ice Out" - Welcoming Spring at Star Lake

After a long, cold winter, the anticipation for spring's arrival is palpable. Star Lake comes alive with vibrant colors and renewed activity as the ice gradually gives way to open water. Here's what to look forward to:

Ice Out:

As we eagerly await the thaw, dedicated ice watchers around the lake report daily on ice conditions. When a consensus emerges that there's no ice on the main lake and its arms, we declare "Ice Out" – a moment of celebration marking the beginning of spring.

Water Level Statistics

Check-out water statistics provided by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources for Star Lake by clicking here.

The Return of Migratory Birds:

Witness the awe-inspiring return of migratory birds as they grace our lake with their presence, filling the air with their songs.

Dock and Lift Installation:

Residents start to prepare for the summer season by putting their docks and lifts in the water, getting ready to fully embrace the joys of lakeside living.

Blooming Spring:

Watch as the trees begin to bud, tulips burst into bloom, and life on and around the lake springs back to life, filling the surroundings with the warmth and magic of springtime.

Transition to Summer:

For many, the transition from spring to summer is marked by the highly anticipated fishing opener in May, kicking off a season of fishing, boating, and lakefront fun.

We invite you to explore the beauty and activities our lake offers throughout the year. Stay connected with us for updates on ice conditions, water levels, and more.