Star Lake is a 4,721-acre  lake located in north-central Otter Tail County, approximately four miles west of Dent, MN. Star Lake offers a unique fishing experience with diverse aquatic habitats and abundant gamefish, it's no wonder Star Lake is a popular destination for anglers throughout the year.

Fishing Regulations

At Star Lake, we practice selective harvest to ensure the health and sustainability of our fish population. One special regulation to note is for Sunfish: The possession limit for Sunfish is set at 10. Please be sure to follow these regulations to help preserve the quality of fishing on the lake.

A Diverse Fishery

Star Lake boasts an array of fish species, making it one of the best all-around fishing lakes in Otter Tail County. Our dominant gamefish include:

Walleye: Walleye is a primary management species in our lake.

Northern Pike: Northern pike are abundant.

Bluegill: To maintain a high-quality bluegill population, Star Lake has a special fishing regulation for sunfish:  Possession limit 10.

Protecting Our Aquatic Habitat

Star Lake's ecosystem thrives on its rich aquatic habitat. Emergent aaquatic plants, including hardstem bulrush, wild rice, and common cattail, provide essential habitat for fish and wildlife, protect shorelines, and maintain water quality. These plants also serve as spawning and nursery areas for various fish species. To protect this crucial habitat, removing emergent plants requires a DNR permit.

Report Violations

We are committed to preserving the natural beauty and integrity of Star Lake. If you witness any fish and game violations, please call TIP (Turn In Poachers) at 800-650-9093. Your vigilance helps protect our precious ecosystem for generations to come.

Thank you for being a responsible angler and contributing to the conservation of Star Lake's remarkable fishery. Enjoy your fishing adventures on our pristine waters.