Star Lake in Otter Tail County, Minnesota

Lake Information

Star Lake

2015 Aug hydrographOtter Tail County, Minnesota | 4,721 acres
The Definite Starfish Outline Of Star Lake Is Produced By Its Many Extending Arms And Bays

Bottom Contents:
40%-Muck&Marl"  25%-Sand  25%-Rubble  10%-Gravel

Lake water level report:
Last reading 08/17/2015: 1329.14 ft

Star Lake High-Low Water History
Ordinary High Water Level:     1329.5 ft. Above Sea Level
Record Maximum Water Level:     1330.99 FASL (July, 1993)
Record Minimum Water Level:     1327.2 FASL (October, 1956)
Historical High-Low Range:     3.79 ft.
2001 High Water Level:     1330.21 FASL
2001 Minimum Water Level:     1329.82 FASL
2001 High-Low Range:     0.39 ft.
2002 High Water Level:     1328.99 FASL
2002 Minimum Water Level:     1328.48 FASL
2002 High-Low Range:

Star Lake is a mesotrophic lake of 4,721 acres located four miles west of Dent, in Otter Tail county. The lake has a maximum depth of 94 feet, 29.7 miles of shoreline and a greatest length of 3.2 miles. Sixty percent of the lake is less than 15 feet in depth. The secchi disk reading, which is the measure of water clarity, ranged from 10.0 feet in the main basin to 13.1 feet in the west arm. Star is a diverse lake consisting of several basins containing a wide variety of habitats, ranging from muck bottomed wild rice beds in the south basin to wind swept gravel-rubble shoal areas in the main basin. Development is distributed around the entire lake, with the exception of the south basin and the west end of the west basin. There are enough areas of undeveloped shoreline remaining that critical habitat areas such as stands of hardstem bulrush are not yet threatened. Emergent aquatic plants such as common cattail and hardstem bulrush provide valuable fish and wildlife habitat, and are critical for maintaining good water quality. They protect shorelines from erosion, can absorb and breakdown pollutants, and serve as important spawning and nursery areas for a variety of fish. Star Lake has no known water quality or pollution problems. Star Lake is known as a good all around fishing lake. Walleye are a popular species, and natural reproduction is supplemented by every other year fry stocking. Good fishing is also available for northern pike, largemouth bass, black crappie and sunfish.