Water safety buoys on Star Lake

Association Objectives

To maintain/improve water quality, to protect/enhance the fishery, the wildlife habitat, and the recreational value of the lake. Primary focus:

  1. Water quality/aquatic invasive species monitoring (AIS)
  2. On-going collaboration with MN DNR Department of Fishery
  3. On-going collaboration with OTC Department of Land Resources

To manage water level related issues

  1. Communicate Star Lake concerns with OTC & DNR officials regarding inbound and outbound water level issues
    1. Ditch 25 inflow/potential AIS impact on Star Lake
    2. Ditch 23 outflow management on Star Lake
    3. Potential financial impact on Star Lake property owners relating to Ditch 25 & 23

Continue to support water safety issues

  1. Provide/maintain/replacement of safety buoys
  2. Recruit membership volunteers for placemnt/removal of safety buoys

Inform SLPOA members on water quality, lake related issues with intent of having more awareness & engaged citizenry

  1. Continued communication via SLPOA newsletters
  2. Inform membership of issues impacting water quality & lake related issues
  3. Continue to enhance the content of the SLPOA website and encourage its use
  4. Continue to include speakers on subjects of interest at SLPOA meetings


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